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Why, What, How?

Having spent many years avoiding doing anything like writing a blog, I’ve finally found a vaguely compelling reason to put my daily thoughts in print, or at least pixels.

What is that reason?

I’m doing some research for a pet project, and it has occurred to me, that as I very rarely finish pet projects, if this one is to be of any use to anyone other than me (or indeed, me), perhaps I should just write it up as I go along.

A project you say?

I do.  I’m researching internet resources that may prove therapeutically useful for people suffering from mental health difficulties, as well as for mental health workers and students In particular I am interested in those difficulties that are sometimes referred to as ‘severe and enduring’.  In practice this most often means diagnoses such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and personality disorder.

My interest stems primarily from wanting to have access to honest, accurate and diverse representations of different peoples’ experiences for use in a therapeutic environment.  When I first did a YouTube search several years ago to find a compelling video clip that would help communicate the experience of mania in a teaching session, I found very little.  Fast forward to the current day, and there is a growing wealth of experience represented on the internet, from brave, first-hand descriptions to the latest in academic thinking.

I was initially planning to trawl through the internet and make private notes on the resources I found, which I could then share with my colleagues and clients.  However, realising that most of my pet projects never see the light of day, I thought that  a blog was perhaps the way forward.

So how’s it all going to work?

No idea, right now, I’m just trying to work out what is possible within a blog.  Regardless, I’m very grateful to my good friend Ben Meghreblian for helping me set up this blog in superfast time.

I guess it will evolve with time, or simply be abandoned a few weeks down the line….

What I have decided is that:

  • It should not be about perfectly written prose.
  • It should, if possible, be readable, useful and interesting.
  • It should be a collaborative venture, open to contributions.
  • It’s an excuse for me to do something with all those random photos I take (so there may be lots of images with little or no clear relevance to their posts).

Bear with me!

9 thoughts on “Beginnings”

  1. Actually, I ran into your blog when I was searching for some source that would provide me with a transcript of Up/Down the documentary. I intend to translate and turn it into a Persian subtitle availabale for the Iranian bipolar comminity to watch and make use of, and raise awareness about this condition among families. I found your blog and your work really inspiring. I particularly liked the bipolar section. It presented me with new media which I might work on in the future.
    P.S. I did not find any transcripts of the film. So I’m going to trancribe it from scratch! Any advice?

    1. Sorry for the slow reply Amir, and thanks very much. I’m afraid I don’t have a transcript. Other than sitting down and making a transcript (should not take too long), the only option I can think of would be to contact the producers/writers directly.

      The advantage of doing it yourself, is that if you use some subtitle software to do the transcript, you’ll already have the timings ready for your translated version.

      See here for some software for making subtitles, if you don’t already have something.

  2. What are your thoughts about ayahuasca and very severe insomnia. IS THERE ANY BAD EXPERIENCES with ayahuasca and mental illness.

  3. Dr Kane,

    My wife, xxx from London had a series of terrifying dreams in her sleep in December 2014 and January 2015. Since then she has not been able to sleep at all. Zero sleep. This is not a case of light sleep, short periods of sleep, interrupted sleep or any type of nap. She is never, ever tired and is wide awake 24 hours a day. She has been taking a prescribed sleeping medication to allow her to sleep.Back in January 2015 she went 2+ weeks s first occurred where she did not sleep one wink for 2+ weeks.. She also has no “feeling”, like sad, happiness, anger, love, hate or any type of feeling. She has no feelings at all. She believes that this has never happened to anyone and there is nothing she or anyone can do. We have looked into AYA but since she is on sleeping there could be some severe complications. We almost booked a trip to Ecuador to a retreat where AYA is used but have backed off and this is when we came across your name. Have you ever heard of this occurring to anyone? She is desperate. Can we pay you for a phone consultation or face to face appointment or virtually anything? X and myself do not know what to do and we are desperate. Please please please respond and if you have any ideas at all to share them with us. She has seen a Psychiatrist which prescribes the sleeping pills and anti depressants but none of them have worked for the sleep or no feelings.
    Thank you so kindly,
    Duaine King

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